Pumice Stone

What is a Pumice Stone?

The Pumice Stone is often used in beauty salons during the pedicure process. This stone is used to remove the dry and excess skin from the bottom of the foot as well as calluses. We are running our online store and are the prominent retailers of the salon products from New Delhi.

How does this stone work?

In order to use the Pumice Stone, first, you got to soften the calloused skin in warm water and damp the stone. Then gently rub this stone over the area using circular motions until you remove the dead skin. This is how it works.

Why Barber Syndicate for all your grooming needs?

We have good options for one to buy these stones. Our customers also get pieces of advice from our experts so that one can make the right choice based on their needs. There are many good options you get while choosing the stones from our collection for varying needs.

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